‘I was told that if I’d been raped, I’d get over it – but I’d never get over terminating my pregnancy’

Last year I carried out an investigation into how anti-abortion protesters were confronting women using Belfast's Marie Stopes Centre. The article received a lot of feedback, with most shocked at the tactics used by some'pro-life' campaigners. Following this month's High Court case involving one activist challenging a harassment notice served on her by the PSNI, I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

‘I cried out for someone to come and take me away so many times, but no one came to rescue me’

By Patricia Devlin WHEN Margaret McGuckin began a justice campaign for historical abuse victims in the north, she was told: "You can't take on the church and the state." Seven years later she has not only helped clinch a cross-party supported public inquiry, but is close to getting government approval on a £20 million victim redress scheme. If there's one thing that those dark... Continue Reading →

Child number 1629 – David’s story

By Patricia Devlin This month I spoke to a number of survivors of Ireland's horrific mother and baby institutions. One of those was David Kinsella, a Dublin man who was born in the notorious St Patrick's facility on the Navan Road. The 58 year-old's story is incredibly heartbreaking. Set aside the abuse he suffered from the very day... Continue Reading →

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