Don’t fund cruelty this Christmas

ONE of the longest running newspaper investigations I have ever carried out was one involving a Co Tyrone puppy farmer who was selling hundreds of sick and dying dogs to animal lovers across Ireland. Co Tyrone woman Wilma Little posed under so many aliases, used so many phone numbers and managed to meet 'customers' in … Continue reading Don’t fund cruelty this Christmas

Confirm you said “Struck by a train”?


ref web pic louise 08/07/06 Stock shot.

“Writing about traumatic, stressful or emotional events has been found to result in improvements in mental health” My GP explained at the end of my 15 minute consultation with her. 

Not really my thing but I’ll give it a go”I duly replied, never expecting that I would actually start a blog let alone write about traumatic experiences. I only made the appointment with my doctor as I felt I needed a little bit more time off work following the discovery of  my fathers decomposing body. My plan was to get the time off, let the dust the settle and get back into running then return to work feeling fresh.

Last week – rather nervously I might add – I decided to  follow through with the idea of writing and posted a blog about a memorable day I had during my operational tour of Afghanistan during my military career…

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The dangers of working under Ireland’s red light

Orginally published in the Irish Daily Star, November 2016. A MAN posed as a garda before threatening and forcing a call girl into performing oral sex in a hotel room in Sligo. That's just one of the horror stories shared by sex workers here who are regularly attacked, robbed and scammed by local punters. The reports, used to … Continue reading The dangers of working under Ireland’s red light