Bleach cult claims to operate under Vatican Law in Ireland

As the Pope makes an historic visit to Ireland it can be revealed how crackpot clerics connected to a bleach-cult operating there, claim to peddle dodgy, dangerous and illegal MMS ‘cures’ under Vatican law.

A TOXIC ‘healer’ exposed by the Sunday World claims to operate his illegal bleach-cult business under Vatican law.
The bizarre claim was made by MMS peddler Frank Carey who even threatened to “fine” our reporter €1,000,000 for carrying out an investigation into his underground business.
Last week it was revealed how Carey (65) claimed his home-brewed concoction of sodium chlorite – used as an industrial bleach – could cure cancer, diabetes and even autism in children.
The Co Mayo man, who is originally from Galway, confessed to being on the run from authorities and hiding out in safe houses to make and sell the banned ‘medicinal’ product to the public.
The self-styled reverend doctor – a high ranking member of an Irish cult church – claimed the illegal liquid was only outlawed because it was a commercial threat to pharmaceutical companies.
However, when we presented Carey with evidence that the toxic ‘supplement’ was dangerous and had absolutely no health benefits whatsoever, he responded with a series of ludicrous claims.
That included how he operated under the protection of the Pope and Vatican law.
Mr Carey also declined to back show the Sunday World evidence to back his crackpot claims that MMS could “cure” terminal illnesses.
In a rambling email sent last week Carey said: “I am man – the same ‘man’ that all judicial functions on the island, that have constitutionally declared to protect and lay neither ill will and harm – they have also constitutionally declared to uphold the constitution, acts and statutes
All your evidence on any ancient remedy, is hearsay from what I can see, and you aim to generate public fear and hysteria – which is the entomology of the word ‘terrorism’,” he wrote.
“The alleged ‘undercover reporter’ lied and misrepresented a position, and did coerce the ancient remedy from me – coercion is a criminal breach of the non-fatal offences against the persons act, and renders any contract void in law;
“Due to the lying, misrepresentation and coercion – any alleged contract and/or gift exchange is rendered void legally and void in law, and carries neither lawful nor legal effect;
“And you are ill informed – the word “bleach” is not a legal word;
“Any of the ingredients used in this ancient remedy, are statutory approved and are on the statute book – so I suggest you look up the statute book to satisfy yourself”.
Carey then went on to threaten the Sunday World with a financial fine for exposing his criminal ways.
“I require that you do not print your article, or any article ever about me in the future, as if you do you are consenting to me laying a commercial lien upon you and your publication companies in the future, and you consent to grievous trespass for your managing and collusion in same trespass – for lying, misrepresentation and coercion; My current bill for trespass is in the amount of €1,000,000 euro, on each and every trespass party, joint and severally”.
He added: “I consent to your future acceptance of all my terms herein;
“You do not need reply to this notice if you so wish – however your future actions will confirm you and your employers and your publication companies, consent to proceed to laying of the lien upon the trespass parties;
“This private special notice is issued without ill will, without vexation and without frivolity”.
He also attached an apostolic letter, issued on behalf of Pope Francis in 2013, which saw the Catholic Church approve a major updating of the criminal laws of Vatican City State.
That included dealing with child abuse and terrorism financing.
The ‘Motu Proprio’ also ruled that any Vatican employee can be tried by theVatican court for violating those laws.
Bizarrely Carey tried to claim this protected him in his dodgy and illegal pursuits which sees him pocket €30 per MMS ‘kit’ he sells to the desperate and seriously ill.
Referring our reporter to the letter, he added: “You may not understand – but as your publication companies are roman curia constructs, francis’s moto proprio is biding upon the companies, and all their directors and employees or agents thereof”.
The Sunday World understands that officials from the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) have upped an investigation into the MMS peddler since our revelations.
Sources close to the the health watchdog confirmed that staff visited an address close to Drogheda, Co Meath where the crackpot cleric with the Genesis II Church met our reporter last month.
They are also probing a vehicle he used to transport his chemical concoctions to the property he claimed was used as one of five ‘safe houses’ across Ireland.
IWe revealed last week how the trained kinesiologist was touting the outlawed substance to cancer sufferers and parents of autistic children.

Carey claimed the corrosive home-brewed ‘medicine’  – administered to children via an enema – could miraculously make lifelong and limiting conditions disappear.

In a meeting with an undercover reporter he said: “The reason this is not legal is because the pharmaceutical companies don’t want it to be.

“It would put them out of business. They make so much money from all these drugs that just don’t work.

“There’s a special unit in the police here that have dedicated the last five years trying to get me. 

“I’ve had to move about from house to house…I’ve about five safe houses in the country that they don’t know about. 

“I did have a place in Galway but they pushed me out of there, they tortured me.

They took my entire library and left me with nothing, so I am left with no option but to just travel about now.”

He added: “I have had 10 or 11 children completely rid of autism.“You have to remember, autism is caused by vaccinations. It is a build up of mercury in the brain. These injections are laced with that stuff and that’s what causes autism.

“MMS basically works by targeting that and taking that away. In your body you have good guys and bad guys – the bacteria. Well when you take MMS it attacks the bad guys and pushes them out.

“I have many parents who have used it to cure autism from their children.”

Carey sold her the MMS ‘kit’ – made made up of two pipette bottles – for €30.

Both bottles included the logo of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing – a cult headed up by US based Jim Humble, a high profile ex-Scientologist.

The Irish arm of the American church, which links to the banned substance was exposed here in 2015, is based in Moone, Co Kildare.

Revelations on his underground business came less than two years after self-declared ‘bishop’ Patrick Merlehan was fined  4,000 after making and supplying MMS on the Irish market.

The court heard how the Genesis II Church cleric was taking advantage of people who are at their wits’ end” by selling them a substance with no therapeutic benefits, and that was in fact toxic bleach.

In February the Co Kildare man, who still heads up the Irish arm of the US-based church, failed in a bid to appeal the conviction.

He is still based at Moone – listed as the non-religious health chapel’s Irish HQ – where authorities uncovered his MMS factory.

Following his conviction the HPRA warned that “in its undiluted form, MMS is corrosive and toxic”.

Miracle Mineral Solution contains sodium chlorite. No medicine for human use containing sodium chlorite and/or chlorine dioxide has been approved by the HPRA or to our knowledge, any other medicines regulator.” the health authority said in a statement. 

“In addition, we are not aware of any validated scientific evidence that supports the medicinal use of MMS.

MMS is not authorised by the HPRA to be manufactured, distributed, supplied, placed on the market or advertised in Ireland.”

Blasting the use of MMS to treat autistic children, campaigner Fiona O’Leary said: “Warnings and fines are not enough to stop these charlatans, we need legislation with jail terms to protect autistic children from experimentation and abuse.

“MMS poisons Autistic children, they are left writing in pain.
“Bleach enemas cause Autistic children to shed intestinal lining, other side effects include vomiting, seizures, kidney and liver damage.”

Published by Patricia Devlin

Award winning journalist based in Ireland covering crime and investigations.

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