The man who claims his homemade bleach can cure cancer and autism


Frank Carey – a ‘reverend doctor’ with the Genesis II Church in Ireland, is selling MMS for €30 a time. He is duping the desperate and seriously ill into believing the outlawed product can miraculously cure terminal illnesses and lifelong conditions.

THIS is the toxic healer who claims he can ‘cure’ cancer and autism with a high strength home-made bleach.

Frank Carey, a self-styled ‘reverend doctor’ with a cult church, is making and selling outlawed Master Mineral Supplement (MMS) and touting it across Ireland.

The 65 year-old is making a fortune by duping the desperate and seriously ill into buying in to the dangerous bleach cult, claiming it can miraculously kill off deadly diseases and cure disabilities.

And the trained kinesiologist even advocates administering the corrosive home-brewed ‘medicine’ to children.

In a special Sunday World investigation we can today reveal how Carey:

* is making and selling the banned ‘medicine’ on a huge scale across Ireland

* is actively avoiding authorities who have raided his underground medicine business

* uses a number of ‘safe houses’ to make, package and ship the banned product 

* is linked to a convicted MMS manufacturer and supplier

The revelations will expose how the banned substance is shockingly still being sold and consumed in Ireland despite a high profile criminal conviction and numerous health warnings against the outlawed toxic ‘cure’.

We can expose Carey’s illegal and dangerous activities after being made aware he was operating his underground business where he even advocates giving the bleach concoction to children.

Our undercover reporter made contact with Carey in May when he confirmed over the phone he sold the illegal solution.

He claimed it could be used to treat a number of illnesses and conditions including cancer, diabetes and autism.

The former oil rig worker also told her he travelled around the country using a number of bases to “drop off” batches of MMS, which he sold for  30 a pop.

Carey arranged to meet our undercover reporter at an address in the small leafy village of Mornington, on the outskirts of Drogheda, Co Meath.

It was during this meeting last week that the 65 year-old made disturbing and outlandish claims about the product he sells to the desperate and seriously ill.

“The reason this is not legal is because the pharmaceutical companies don’t want it to be,” he said, sitting our reporter down at a kitchen table.

“It would put them out of business. They make so much money from all these drugs that just don’t work.

“There’s a special unit in the police here that have dedicated the last five years trying to get me. 

“I’ve had to move about from house to house…I’ve about five safe houses in the country that they don’t know about. 

“I did have a place in Galway but they pushed me out of there, they tortured me.

They took my entire library and left me with nothing, so I am left with no option but to just travel about now.

“This is one of safe houses I use. No one lives here at the moment, the house is actually for sale and the owner, who is not in the country allows me to come and go.

“I also have a base in Newry and I am up there quite regularly. I have to be very careful because they are after me, and they will do anything to shut this down. Like I said, it is all about money on their part. All I care about is helping people.”


Our reporter told Carey she was buying the substance on behalf of a relative who was suffering from diabetes.

“What she needs to do is take eight drops of this a day,” he said.

“Start off with three and build it up so that within a week she’s taking eight drops.

“Within a month she’ll be so much better. Because it’s Type 2 (diabetes) she needs to change her diet as well.

“What I have seen work in the past is going on a diet of raw vegetables. If she did this for a month, along with taking the MMS, the diabetes would be gone.”

Carey then went on to make disturbing claims about MMS ‘curing’ deadly and aggressive illnesses.

“You have heard of different types of cancer; liver, lung, brain….but actually cancer is just one disease and it solely affects the blood. They don’t want you to know that.“This (MMS) targets the blood, oxidises it and kills the bad bacteria, killing the cancer. I have had many people cured from cancer by taking this, people who were told by doctors they were going to die.“That’s how powerful this is and that’s why so many people are using it.”

Carey also claimed his home-brewed potion could be used to treat autism in children.

“I have had 10 or 11 children completely rid of autism,” he said.“You have to remember, autism is caused by vaccinations. It is a build up of mercury in the brain. These injections are laced with that stuff and that’s what causes autism.“MMS basically works by targeting that and taking that away. In your body you have good guys and bad guys – the bacteria. Well when you take MMS it attacks the bad guys and pushes them out.“I have many parents who have used it to cure autism from their children.”

When asked if there were any side effects to taking the so-called supplement, he said: “No. But when this starts working in your body, the bad bacteria fights back. It starts to build up resistance.

“On day two (relative) won’t want to take this. She will be repulsed. That is the bad bacteria trying to stop it. 

“They know they are in trouble. So there will be some nausea. But if she is taking it correctly, mixing it right, then that should be it.

“If she really, really doesn’t want to take it, mix in a little bit of organic apple juice. That will mask the taste because it will come across stronger as the days go on.

Carey even showed our reporter how to mix the dangerous solution and suggested she taste it for herself.

Pushing a small shot glass in front of her on a kitchen table, he added one drop from a blue labelled pipette ‘activator’ bottle, along with single drop from a similarly styled green labelled ‘MMS’ container.

The activator, he claimed, was made up of water and 50 per cent citric acid. 

A label on the separate MMS brown bottle simply stated it contained mineral salts and water. 

“It is very important how you mix this, the drops must meet in the middle to react properly,” he said.

“Then simply just add it to a small glass of purified water, give it a swirl and drink it. Taste it for yourself, you hardly taste it.”

Both bottles included the logo of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing – a cult headed up by US based Jim Humble, a high profile ex-Scientologist.

The Irish arm of the American church, which links to the banned substance was exposed here in 2015, is based in Moone, Co Kildare.

When asked about the “non-denominational” church, Carey confirmed that he was a high ranking member.

“I am what’s known as a reverend roctor’,” he said. “They wanted to make me bishop but I said no, because they (authorities) would come after me all the harder.

“I am happy enough with the way things are going. I can travel about and drop off when needs be and I’d like to keep it that way.”

Our reporter handed over  30 for the bleach solution to Carey, who also claimed to manufacture a series of other health boosting chemical concoctions.

The 65 year-old, who spent 20 years in Australia before returning to Ireland in the late 90s,

advised our reporter to contact him if she encountered any “problems” with the MMS.

Revelations on his underground business are set to land him in hot water with the authorities who have been clamping down on the manufacture and selling of the bizarre cult-linked ‘miracle cure’ for a number of years.

In 2016 self-declared ‘bishop’ Patrick Merlehan was fined  4,000 after being convicted of making and supplying MMS on the Irish market.

The court heard how the Genesis II Church cleric was “taking advantage of people who are at their wits’ end” by selling them a substance with no therapeutic benefits, and that was in fact toxic bleach.

In February the Co Kildare man, who still heads up the Irish arm of the US-based church, failed in a bid to appeal the conviction.

He is still based at Moone – listed as the non-religious health chapel’s Irish HQ – where authorities uncovered his MMS factory.

Following his conviction the HPRA warned that “in its undiluted form, MMS is corrosive and toxic”.

Miracle Mineral Solution contains sodium chlorite. No medicine for human use containing sodium chlorite and/or chlorine dioxide has been approved by the HPRA or to our knowledge, any other medicines regulator.” the health authority said in a statement. 

“In addition, we are not aware of any validated scientific evidence that supports the medicinal use of MMS.

MMS is not authorised by the HPRA to be manufactured, distributed, supplied, placed on the market or advertised in Ireland.”

MMS is sold in different forms, usually as Master Mineral Solution, or Miracle Mineral Supplement.

The Genesis II Church claims founder Jim Humble discovered MMS in a rainforest in 1996 while helping a malaria sufferer. He claims to have treated 800 cases of HIV in Africa with MMS.

Humble’s recipe is to mix sodium chlorite with an activator like citric acid to make chlorine dioxide. Sodium chlorite is an industrial bleach and disinfectant; oxidising, corrosive and harmful to the human body.  

In a 2015 RTE’s Prime Time investigation, the Health Service Executive’s (HSE’s) Public Analysts Laboratory found the mixed MMS solution contained 90% chlorite and 10% chlorine dioxide. 

It found that when MMS instructions were followed and the sodium chlorite was mixed with citric acid and diluted with water, about 90% of it stayed as chlorite.

The World Health Organisation sets maximum levels for chlorite in drinking water: its limit is less than 1 milligram per litre, but the lab found the level of chlorite in activated MMS was 391 milligrams per litre. It is this solution that goes into people’s bodies.

‘Jail MMS charlatans to protect young and sick’ – Campaigner


A BRAVE mum who helped expose Ireland’s dangerous ‘bleach cult’ has called on the Health Minister to introduce legislation to jail offenders.
Fiona O’Leary, whose work led to a high-profile RTE investigation into the manufacture, supply and sale of MMS, says harsher sentences would help combat the sale and consumption of the toxic ‘medicine’.
The Cork mum-of-five, an autism activist, told the Sunday World: “Warnings and fines are not enough to stop these charlatans, we need legislation with jail terms to protect autistic children from experimentation and abuse.
“Simon Harris needs to introduce legisation.”
Mrs O’Leary (46) was central in the 2016 conviction of crackpot cleric Patrick Merlehan.
The Genesis II Church ‘bishop’ offered the campaigner MMS as a cure for her child’s autism.
Her work led to RTÉ Prime Time filming undercover at an MMS seminar at the Ark Recycling building two weeks after the raid and arrest of Merlehan.
She now claims Frank Carey, exposed by the Sunday World today as one of the lead manufacturers of illegalMMS, also approached her four years ago attempting to sell her the toxic bleach.
“I have been campaigning against MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) for many years.
MMS is a toxic bleach product not fit for human consumption.
Frank Carey spoke to me on the phone as far back as 2014 and offered me MMS for sale.
“He said MMS can cure autism. He offered to host seminars to parents of autistic children.
“Four years later he’s still doing it, even after his fellow Genesis II Church cleric’s criminal conviction.”
She added: “My main concern with MMS is its use on autistic children – two of my five beautiful children are autistic.
“People must remember that treating autistic children with MMS means following the ‘CD Protocol’ created by Kerri Rivera, a Bishop of the Genesis II Church.
“The CD Protocol is an intense, dangerous, invasive and abusive scam.
“It involves autistic children being dosed up to sixteen times a day with bleach plus daily corrosive bleach enemas.
MMS poisons Autistic children, they are left writhing in pain.
“Bleach enemas cause autistic children to shed intestinal lining, other side effects include vomiting, seizures, kidney and liver damage.
“Health authorities warn people not to use MMS for any condition.
“MMS is banned in Ireland and many other Countries yet it’s still rife. Action needs to be taken by the Health Minister to protect people, especially children from this dangerous cult.”

Published by Patricia Devlin

Award winning journalist based in Ireland covering crime and investigations.

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