UDA drug dealer feared he’d be ‘the next Alan McCullough’

DRUG dealer David Jenkins claims UDA ‘C’ Coy bosses tried to lure him back to Shankill last week just days after being told the terror gang planned to murder him. The 41-year-old refused, telling the Sunday World: “I won’t be the next Alan McCollough.”Jenkins, a cocaine kingpin who claims to have made the gang millionsContinue reading “UDA drug dealer feared he’d be ‘the next Alan McCullough’”

‘I was the UDA’s Coke King’

A DRUG baron who escaped a gangland assassination bid outside his Shankill home has revealed how he was making West Belfast UDA £500k a month selling pure cocaine – and now they want to kill him. David ‘Dee’ Jenkins –  the man known as ‘Mr P’ – today lifts the lid on the ‘C’ Coy (Company) drugContinue reading “‘I was the UDA’s Coke King’”

Groomed by the UVF

ARMED with a flick bat and wearing a balaclava, 16 year-old Martin Smyth knew what he was about to do was very, very wrong. Along with three other teenagers, he was under UVF orders to “put out” a foreign national family who had just moved to Belfast. “The senior (UVF) ones said they were involvedContinue reading “Groomed by the UVF”