Don’t fund cruelty this Christmas

ONE of the longest running newspaper investigations I have ever carried out was one involving a Co Tyrone puppy farmer who was selling hundreds of sick and dying dogs to animal lovers across Ireland. Co Tyrone woman Wilma Little posed under so many aliases, used so many phone numbers and managed to meet 'customers' in... Continue Reading →

Irish nuns sold ‘dead’ babies to America

By Patricia Devlin A SHELVED report which revealed concerns nuns falsified the deaths of babies before selling them to parents in the USA was seen by two Ministers, a former HSE chief has claimed. Former Children and Family Services assistant director Phil Garland says the explosive 2012 report was passed to then Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald and Health... Continue Reading →

He made millions from heists, armed robberies and drugs, but today this criminal godfather has just €3.50 in his pocket

  By Patricia Devlin CHRISTY 'Bronco' Dunne was once the King of Ireland's criminal underworld who made millions from heists, armed robberies and trafficking drugs Today he lives in a Co Dublin council flat with just €3.50 in his pocket. The man who pulled off Ireland's first Tiger Kidnapping certainly is living proof that crime doesn't... Continue Reading →

The unsolved murder of Jim Goonan

You'll notice that unsolved murders will become a theme on this blog, and it won't be from choice.  Sadly there is a shocking number of cases in Ireland where families of murdered loved ones are still awaiting justice. We aren't talking Troubles' related cases here, paramilitary or even gangland executions, these are investigatioms where there... Continue Reading →

‘I was told that if I’d been raped, I’d get over it – but I’d never get over terminating my pregnancy’

Last year I carried out an investigation into how anti-abortion protesters were confronting women using Belfast's Marie Stopes Centre. The article received a lot of feedback, with most shocked at the tactics used by some'pro-life' campaigners. Following this month's High Court case involving one activist challenging a harassment notice served on her by the PSNI, I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

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