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Rogue RUC officer moved Greysteel killer’s guns before massacre

Torrens Knight

Patricia Devlin


A ROGUE RUC officer in Co Derry helped UDA killer Torrens Knight move one of the deadly guns he used in the 1993 Greysteel ‘Trick or Treat’ massacre.

The policeman, stationed at Coleraine RUC Barracks, recovered the automatic rifle, also used to also murder four Catholic workmen, from a spot being searched by his colleagues weeks before the Rising Sun atrocity.

The loyalist sympathising constable – who was not believed to be working on Special Branch orders – was able to carry out the dirty move after fishermen discovered the bag of UDA weapons on the banks of a Co Derry river.

Stunned by the terror find at Hunter’s Mill, Aghadowey, the anglers left the area and reported what they found to a local politician.

SDLP MLA John Dallat contacted police who carried out an almost instant search around the Agivey River.

However RUC search teams failed to locate the weapons because they scaled the wrong section of the bank.

The blunder allowed the corrupt constable to go the area himself, recover the two high powered firearms and hand them straight back into the hands of the psychotic UDA/UFF gang.

Just weeks later on October 30 Knight, along with UFF killers Jeffrey Deeney and Stephen Irwin burst into the Rising Sun bar and murdered eight men and women. As the killers sprayed the bar with bullets, Irwin shouted ‘trick or treat’.

Aftermath of UFF/UDA Greysteel massacre

Speaking to the Sunday World SDLP MLA John Dallat who was told of the disturbing claim by a member of the security forces, said he believes the atrocity could have been prevented.

“What I was told by a former serving member of the Royal Irish Regiment (RIR) was this man was a rogue RUC officer stationed in Coleraine at the time.
“This RIR man had previously served in Coleraine himself and he was disillusioned with the time he spent there, he was at a stage where he felt he wasn’t able to serve the purpose he joined it for.
“It was a number of issues he came to me with, separate to this information about this officer.

“Quite clearly if those guns had been recovered at that time it may have prevented Greysteel.

“One was high calibre and it was that gun that caused most of the damage.
“The find could have also led to the arrest of those who had control of the guns.
“In other words the gang might have been rounded up far earlier before multiple people were murdered.”
The revelation will add to a long list of unanswered questions as relatives and survivors prepare gather for the 24th anniversary of the atrocity this week.
That includes questions surrounding just how close security force personnell were to the killers at the time, including Torrens Knight, who is long suspected of being a paid police informant at the time, and after his release from jail.
Knight – now in his late 40s – was sentenced to 12 life sentences for the Rising Sun bar murders, and that of four Catholic workmen in Castlerock in March of the same year. Three of his UFF accomplices were also handed a number of life sentences for their part in Greysteel.
All were all released in 2000 under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.
In 2007 the Police Ombudsman said detectives did not have information which could have prevented the 1993 murders of eight people in Greysteel.SDLP assemblyman John Dallat had made a complaint, saying crucial information he gave to detectives was not acted on.

Nuala O’Loan also found there was no evidence killer Torrens Knight was protected from the rigours of the law.

However Mr Dallat says that he believes the full truth of the attack at the Rising Sun bar is still to be uncovered.

“There are tens of thousands of military files sitting in a warehouse somewhere in England that will lay bare the answers to the many unanswered questions surrounding Greysteel, Castlerock and many other atrocities.

“I also believe that Torrens Knight, who masquerades around as a man who has found God, has much, more to tell.

“The campaign currently is to leave the past behind and move on, but not everyone can do that. The relatives of those murdered in Greysteel still suffer to this day.”


Mr Dallat has also raised concerns that the remnants of UDA faction behind the killings is still active.

“The structure of the UDA 24 years on is still intact, for me that creates anxiety that should politics not be restored we still have a foundation of murder and mayhem in this area.

“We do not want another generation to plunge themselves into what Knight and his gang were involved in.”